drkishanDr Raichura

Kishan Raichura is doubly qualified as a Medical doctor and a Dental Surgeon. He has spent many years since working in Oral and Facial surgery across the UK.

He is passionate about delivering anti-ageing treatments such as wrinkle relaxing and filler injections for the most natural and vibrant results. He keeps his practice in line with modern techniques to ensure he provides you with the best possible care.

“My name is Dr Kishan – I love my profession in facial aesthetics and cosmetic dentistry and I hope you will see that also.  Having spent many years working and training all over the UK in medical, surgical and dental fields, I progressed to this profession because I truly enjoy enhancing my patients’ good looks as gently as possible for a natural looking result.  With advancements in the fields of cosmetic dermatology and dentistry, it is possible to achieve impressive results in anti-ageing and smile improvement without resorting to drastic measures.  Please feel free to look up some of the treatments that I can provide and, if you don’t find the answers you need please do get in touch for more information.”