Chemical Peel

We offer a series of mild to moderate chemical skin peels to achieve increased radiance for your skin.

What is it exactly?

The-Perfect-Peel-heroA chemical peel is a treatment used to rejuvenate the skin – improving its smoothness and texture. It is a combination of acids and antioxidants that work to exfoliate the skin and give rise to healthier and clearer looking skin.

It is an effective treatment for:

  • Pigmentation problems
  • Fine wrinkling
  • Blemishes
  • Sun damage
  • Certain types of acne

Combining treatments, such as Dermaroller / Microneedling, can be even more effective.

There are a host of different concentrations, ingredients and even types of chemical peels available to suit the type and condition of the skin. The type of treatment is decided after consultation with your specialist.

What happens?

The skin is thoroughly cleansed before the application of the peel and the procedure usually takes no longer than 20 minutes.  If milder peels are used then there is very minimal stinging on the skin during treatment and virtually no down-time.  Stronger peels, depending on the nature of the condition, may give more redness and require a longer recovery time.  A course of several peels is always recommended for best results.