Fat Dissolving Injections (Lipolysis)

Lipolysis injections break down fat in a controlled way, so your body can safely remove it through its lymphatic system. This simple and effective procedure shrinks double chins as well as improving the definition of the jawline, and can even be used to spot reduce pockets of abdominal or body fat. The treatment contracts the skin in order to achieve a more streamlined, youthful appearance.

Fat dissolving typically requires a course of two to four treatments with four to six-week intervals between each session. Although the procedure can be slightly uncomfortable, you should also expect some swelling which can take up to three weeks to subside. Although the fat doesn’t come back, this should only be used as a supplement to a healthy lifestyle, and is only intended for dealing with small pockets of fat rather than for providing a complete weight loss solution.

Unlike liposuction, Fat Dissolving Injections normally leads to a degree of skin contraction too, so you’re less likely to end up with loose skin around the areas which have been treated.