Wrinkle smoothing treatments

If you have facial lines and wrinkles that you don’t want, we offer the non-surgical solution that quickly and gently softens them away for months at a time.

What is it exactly?

Botulinum Toxin A (commonly known as Botox®) is a prescription only medicine that is a proven muscle relaxant.  It has been used since the 1980’s for muscular disorders but has also been licensed for cosmetic use where it has become famous for effective reduction of wrinkles and lines.

The most common areas for treatment are the forehead (frown lines), in between the eyebrows, and lines around the eyes (crow’s feet). It relaxes the muscles that cause the lines in these areas and creates a softened, smoother appearance to your skin.

These treatments are simple, effective and require no anesthesia.  There is very minimal redness or swelling involved, so you can return to work immediately.

What happens?

Treatment involves a small amount of Botulinum Toxin A being injected into the muscle groups that cause wrinkles.  The effects are apparent within 4-7 days and they typically last for 3-4 months.  Patients tend to see the best results by receiving treatment every three months.  Wrinkle relaxing treatments can sometimes be used in conjunction with other treatments such as dermal fillers or chemical peels.  This holistic approach usually gives superior and natural looking results.

Repeated treatments can lead to longer lasting results.  It is advisable to avoid heavy lifting, exercise, and touching or massaging the injected area for one day post treatment.

Also ask about

Dr Kishan is also highly trained in advanced techniques such as eyebrow lifting, and lower face techniques to address issues such as heavy jowls, smoker’s and neck lines.